Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twilight Breaking Dawn News for Oct 25

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Bill Condon talks 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' - Part Two


How was it filming both movies at the same time, ‘cause it’s your first time doing this? How was that?

Bill Condon: Yeah. Better than if we’d done it in 3D, the way we were thinking.

Yeah that was my question! Was: are you really doing it in 3D? ‘Cause that rumor’s been out there for so long.

Bill Condon: No, no . . . We were gonna do the second movie in 3D. There was a good idea behind that, which was: okay she wakes up as a vampire, now let’s see the world differently.

It’s a new dimension for her . . . But that wouldn’t have been—it wouldn’t have been just cheesy, but we would have gone crazy . . . I think we’re all grateful now. Yea . . . I get a headache just from the tutorial . . . But yeah—so it was—I found it was not hard—it was harder on Kristen, I think, more than anybody but she stepped up. But not only to have to go from “oh my God, I’m high school graduate Bella” [to] “oh now I’m kind of intense momma vampire” in the same day! Not only was that a psychological challenge but also physically. I mean she had to—the vampire makeup was two hours. God help her, the pregnant, late term Bella was three hours prosthetics, and sometimes she’d be jumping back and forth between those things. So she was a real trooper, you know. I think it fell on her shoulders more than anybody else’s. Read the rest...

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